About Ozcrete Pools

Est 1988


Ozcrete has been building swimming pools in Queensland since 1988 and specialises in filtration, construction of aquatic centres and high end domestic pools. These range from water parks, 50m wet decks, down to architectural designed water features and pools. They have always worked closely with government organisations and local councils, giving them an excellent understanding of how they work and ensuring all the requirements and demands are meet.

With close ties across Queensland’s pool building industry Ozcrete Pools are always researching new technology and products that we can integrate into our work methods and practices to increase the quality and efficiency of our projects. Ozcrete have well over 20 years of commercial swimming pool experience with projects completed over two decades ago still in operation today, giving testament to their quality of work.


Over time Ozcrete has developed numerous techniques, methods and systems used to decrease the time and effort in all areas of swimming pool construction and filtration installation.

Their innovations included remote smartphone project management systems and reporting, modern 50m wet edge pool designs, fully automated plant room management systems with remote management and pre-fabricated filtration systems that are tested in a controlled workshop environment before installation.

Back Office

Ozcretes administration office is managed by experienced staff, with a comprehensive understanding of the entire building process and administration obligations.

Their internal systems are under constant review and modification to keep up with government and industry compliance. We use the latest technology only where it gives an advantage but they still meet face to face for regular weekly management meetings.

Customer Service

Ozcrete Pools has built their business on customer satisfaction and pride themselves on the number of referrals from their happy customers. They offer a direct service where the customers’ concerns are always their primary focus.

With over 20 years of problem-solving under their belt, they have refined the problem-solving skills and customer care techniques that make the general experience in dealing with a construction company pleasant and productive.