Is it possible to save 20-30% on your Aquatics Project?

One of the most frustrating things we see as contract builders in the Aquatic Industry in Australia is the apparent lack of knowledge general builders possess about constructing swimming pools.

Sure, some of them engage an aquatic consultant from a reputable engineering or architectural firm but the fact remains that very few of them have more than limited experience in building aquatic centres.

It's not my intention to completely discount their knowledge or their building expertise but how many pools/water play areas have they built or, more to the point, have they had to repair or remove?

You might wonder why I mentioned repair and removal in a discussion about construction?

Here are a few simple questions:

  • How do you know what the real outcome from an aquatics consultant design unless you see it through to its end of life?
  • Do you know whether the aquatics consulting design will be suitable and cost effective?

Sadly, aquatics consultants, most engineers, and architects copy large parts of existing designs, which works sometimes.

A smaller percentage will actually prepare completely new drawings; oversee the construction work; fix a few warranty problems and move on to the next thing. Very few of them are anywhere to be found when things fail; then happily blame everything on the sub-contractor. We know all about it!

Wasted Money !!!

Likewise, if the project runs over budget there seems to be little consideration that the original design was fundamentally wrong. What we have found is that it comes down to their experience, and most of them simply don’t have a comprehensive knowledge of the industry, spaning decades.

We have seen the results of poor design more than most in the industry with the renovation and demolition of countless pools over more than 25 years. We’ve done it hundreds of times.

So, what makes us special? Firstly, we don’t believe we are special. We are, however, experienced and the experience we possess does make a substantial difference to how we approach each job.

Roy Barby aquatic consultant

Roy Barby’s unique set of skills and extensive experience means that problems you don’t know about will never arise because he knows how to prevent them before they occur. Equally, Roy has solved every problem he has come up against so far, which is a large part of why he’s one of the most trusted commercial pool builders in Queensland.

How we can save you money $

We have also seen projects where Ozcrete Pools has rationalised the design to bring about massive savings of up to 20%, and in some instances 30%, yet still deliver an end product that exceeds the customer’s expectations. You have a lot of satisfied customers if you can trim 20% off the initial budget!

So, ask yourself these two simple questions:

  1. Does your current project have the right people overseeing its design and execution?
  2. Can you afford to ignore a possible saving of as much as 30% on your project?