How to save 25% on construction of your aquatics facility with 3 simple steps

  1. Get a dedicated aquatics engineer. We have found most aquatics centre designs are over complication especially if the engineer is not a dedicated aquatics engineer. Saving in the construction of an aquatics facility starts with the correct planning and design using methods and techniques that are proven to work and are easy to implement. In a lot of cases, this is not the case. I have seen a project where we the builder on the project had no say in the design of the construction methods. The engineer made it clear his suggestions were not welcome at all (very clear in fact). The project was high profile and he was a high profile engineer but his designs for the job were impossible and so were his prescribed tolerances. Specialist equipment was needed to build the joints, complex steps and processes were needed just to form the concrete shell. In the end, the project was one year over the original timeline when opened (but still not finished) and the budget was just as far over.
  2. Remove the waste and simplify. This could have been a different story and again I have seen it happen many many times. A build does not have to be complex just because the project is high profile. Keep it simple, remove the excess and make the efficient use of space and resources. Look at the actual build and structure layout and rationalise the systems function to be as basic as possible and I’m not saying the look has to be simplistic. The best way to do this is to find a consultant that has a successful track record of fast builds that are on time and on budget.
  3. Get a team with a track record. The track record is the biggest indicator of how well a firm goes with these sorts of facilities. And the longer they have been building them the better they are, but be careful you need to be sure you get the builder with the key people still in it. A lot of general builders will present a professional image but are not actually the ones building the complex. They subcontract the work to the third party who in most case subcontract to the actually skilled builder and that’s who you want. In a lot of cases, you should look at splitting the contract away from the general building and the aquatics build so you can deal directly with the pool builder.